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Tips when choosing a mattress

Having a quality sleep throughout the night is a critical element for good health. Selecting the mattress that most excellent suits our body will be necessary to attain that best rest. For more information check out Choose a mattress We know that looking for a mattress involves an important learning task on technological developments… Read More »

Which properties should folding mattresses fulfill?

Depending on the use of the folding mattress, you should think about the height and hardness of the deckchair. Since there are different models of the dealers here, it is worthwhile to think carefully before. Do you set aside a folding mattress for a short-term visit, or do you want to accommodate your somewhat busy… Read More »

Test of latex mattresses

In a test, 3 out of 5 mattresses received the grade “Good” and the other two “Satisfactory”. The testers found that this is extremely well made and very comfortable and does not cost too much money. In general, we recommend latex mattresses due to their high level of hygiene, longevity and good thermal insulation. Which… Read More »

How tough may the mattress be?

Of course, the degree of hardness before buying a cold fluff mattress is of great importance. As we have already noted, the degree of hardness should increase with the weight – however, since the degrees of hardness are not standardized, you can only roughly according to the weight specifications. If you have the opportunity to… Read More »

The baby mattress – what to consider?

Are you looking for the first mattress for your little sweetheart? Many are challenging the selection of the first mattress for a newborn baby. A small child has special needs and requirements that a sleeping system has to meet in order for the baby to sleep well. For the parents, the question arises shortly after… Read More »

Spring mattresses

There are an independent testing institute that tests products and services. These include mattresses. The published results on various mattress tests, such as the spring mattress test, pocket spring mattress test, can be viewed in the respective journal. Spring mattresses in different sizes: Of course, various spring mattress types, whether Bonell springs or pocket spring… Read More »

Buy air bed – what to look for?

Whether as a guest bed, for camping or for the night with friends: An air bed is suitable for many occasions. It can not only save space but is quickly addressed if necessary. With us you will learn what is important when buying a mattress, as well as explain what you should look for when… Read More »