How tough may the mattress be?

By | March 26, 2019

Of course, the degree of hardness before buying a cold fluff mattress is of great importance. As we have already noted, the degree of hardness should increase with the weight – however, since the degrees of hardness are not standardized, you can only roughly according to the weight specifications. If you have the opportunity to spend a few nights on the potential new mattress for a test, you should not miss out on this possibility – in this way, you can determine whether the selected degree of hardness fits in principle or whether you are better to a softer or a harder mattress should grab. Last but not least, the slatted frame can also play an important role – depending on whether it is elastic or stable.

For optimum comfort, the volume weight is also important, which is an important quality feature and can decide on the longevity and quality of the mattress. The volume weight indicates how many kilograms of raw mass is present in one cubic meter of foam – whereby the higher the density, the higher the elasticity and longevity of the mattress.

If possible, the density should be above 40 kg / m³ – if the quality is good, a volume weight of about 30 kg / m³ may be sufficient. If the information on the mattress is missing, you can calculate the volume weight yourself using the following formula: RG = weight (in kg) / length * width * height (in m).

Last but not least, lying comfort should not be neglected: a good mattress supports the whole body and prevents too deep sinking or sagging. If the spine is straight in the lateral position, the point elasticity of the mattress is optimal. Minor improvements to the point elasticity can also be made by a mattress pad, which promises a comfortable feeling in different mattress types and which also protects the mattress from dirt. The test results of the mattress testers of Stiftung Warentest can provide information on which mattress and which topper could perform particularly well in comparison. You will get intuitive sleep advancements from Amerisleep.